The Law firm “Marijan Šprajc“ was founded in 1969. In later years, it acted as Law Firm “Šprajc and Vukić“, then as “Joint law firm Vukić, Jelušić, Šulina“, and “Joint law firm Vukić, Jelušić, Šulina & Stanković“.

From 2002, the company acts as Law firm “Vukić, Jelušić, Šulina, Stanković, Jurcan & Jabuka“.

From 2010, the company acts as Law Firm Vukić, Jelušić, Šulina, Stanković, Jurcan & Jabuka, limited liability company.

Practice Areas

Vukić & Partneri Law Firm, from 1969, provides legal services to domestic and international clients from various branches of law, and in particular it focuses on:

  • commercial law
  • civil law
  • family law
  • criminal law
  • labor law
  • shipping law
  • intellectual property
  • companies law
  • arbitration
  • foreign investments
  • real estate law

Vukić & Partneri Law Firms speak ENGLISH, ITALIAN, GERMANY, FRENCH, RUSSIAN, and can provide full legal services to speakers of these languages in all jurisdictions.


We respond to your inquiries at working hours from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays from Monday to Friday. We do not respond to non-working days or holidays.

If it is an emergency or a deadline, please contact us at office hours on office phone 051 211 600.